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Art Plaza Magatani

■ Review by Ryan

This antiques store has everything. The store is like a typical antiques store, full of clutter from wall to wall. The Art Plaza Magatani has Japanese relics reaching far back into history, both the mundane and interesting. They have pots and dressers with Samurai and Buddha figurines on top. The store has old samurai armor and ancient tea sets. Everything is labeled in both English and Japanese and the staff is surprisingly good at English. If you are tall, you need to watch your head because of the pieces that hang from the ceiling. The basement is stock full of mostly furniture and wall hangings, but the main floor has plenty of both. If you need help at all, the staff is more than willing to lend a hand at helping you pick out a gift or something for your house. They have things that range in price from the really cheap to items that are extremely expensive. Whether you want some antique Japanese good for yourself, a friend, or colleague or simply want to just explore, this is a fascinating shop with which to do it in.

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